Steam fixes notifications, widgets, and in-game overlay

Feel like the Steam desktop client is long overdue for a major upgrade? So did Valve. company today Released a platform update It includes several features that were tested in the app’s beta channel. The latest client features updated fonts and menus, a revised notification system, and a redesigned in-game overlay. Even better, Valve says the platform has been rebuilt with an all-new framework designed to help features ship simultaneously across all versions of Steam.

This means that some of the new features baked into the desktop client are already available on the Steam Deck. Specifically, Valve has recalled the overhaul of the in-game client overlay — in addition to a new interface and a more diverse toolbar, players now have access to a new feedback tool that syncs across PCs. Thanks to the new framework, this feature is now available on the desktop and Steam Deck simultaneously. The overlay also has a new “pin” feature that allows users to keep this feedback widget (or any other window from the game interface) visible while playing.

Valve is also trying to clean up client notifications. Clicking on the icon should now show only the most recent and relevant notifications, and will prompt users to click to see a full historical view. Users should see small updates across the rest of the client as well, including updated dialog text, new fonts, and revised colors.

The new features are great, but Valve seems to be most proud of the improvements they’ve made under the hood. In addition to the new framework, the company says enabled hardware acceleration for Mac and Linux users, providing a smoother experience across all platforms.

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Last, and perhaps last, the update could be the end of the old Steam Big Picture mode. A long list of client bug fixes is buried with the note that the command line option to enable “oldbigpicture” has been removed. We’re all using the Steam Deck interface now.

The new Steam Client update is now available for download. scan the Full patch notes For details.

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