Speedrunner beats Starfield in less than 3 hours

The Starfield player runs across rocky terrain.

Screenshot: Bethesda/Kotaku

althoug Starfield It’s not even out of its Early Access period yet (Its full release It will happen at 12:00 AM UTC on September 6, or 8 PM ET on September 5), one of the top speedrunners has already managed to beat Bethesda Hundreds of hours of gameplay In less time than it takes to watch Barbenheimer. The speedrunner, a microbiologist, concluded the mission NASA-Bank Giant In 2 hours, 51 minutes and 42 seconds VG247 Reported for the first time.

microbiologist, Which was previously completed Games like Eternal death In just over an hour and Bossnax In 19 minutes, they posted a time-stamped version of their message Starfield Being On YouTube on September 3. For viewers and other keen racers, the video demonstrates parts of StarfieldIt’s easy to overlook the main missions, and sections that even require the full attention of a speed runner. Naturally, the entire 3-hour video is included in a major spoiler for anyone who hasn’t completed it StarfieldThe main quest takes about 40 hours, or for anyone who hasn’t yet gotten into the game before its official global launch.

When will Starfield Be available on Xbox Game Pass subscription?

Competition between Starfield Speed ​​races are about to become even more intense, and people who are currently trembling over spoilers, on the contrary, will calm down – we are very close to the official launch at 8 PM ET on September 5, which is when every Game Pass owner will be able to arrive to Starfield.

You can also pre-load the role-playing game on Xbox Series

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Just remember that you’ll need to free up some space on your SSD, as well Starfield Takes up adequate space Kotaku writes staffer Zach Zwiesen Recent article“Specifically, about 139 GB on PC and 126 GB on Xbox Series The hard part will be condensing those 139GB into a two-hour world record.

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