SpaceX’s Crew-6 astronauts land after a 6-month stay on the International Space Station

Four astronauts have returned to Earth, each having completed the first long-duration spaceflight on the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA’s Stephen Bowen and Warren “Woody” Hoiburg, Sultan Al Neyadi of the United Arab Emirates, and Andrey Fedyaev of Russia’s federal space corporation Roscosmos, collectively landed SpaceX’s Crew-6, aboard the company’s Dragon “Endeavour” spacecraft at Twelve o’clock. :17 a.m. EDT (0417 GMT) Monday (September 4) in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. Of the four, Bowen was the only one who had flown in space before.

“When we came here six months ago, it was a new experience for all of us,” Bowen said during a short farewell ceremony on board the station on Thursday (August 31). “I’ve been to space, but I’ve never done a long-duration mission. This was an absolutely amazing experience, and a great opportunity to watch my amazing crewmates in action.”

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Seven members of Expedition 69 crew aboard the International Space Station. In the bottom row are Andrey Fedyev, Woody Hoburg, Steve Bowen, and Sultan Al Neyadi. At the top (upside down) are Dmitry Petlin, Sergei Prokopyev, and Frank Rubio. (Image credit: NASA)

We take It was launched on March 2The Crew-6 astronauts’ landing ended their 186-day mission, serving as flight engineers for Expedition 68 and Expedition 69 aboard the International Space Station.

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