Sony’s PS5 Remote Play Gaming Portable Console is priced at just $200

Today Sony delivered some news that’s sure to pique PS Vita fans to some extent: Sony is back in the mobile game (sort of) with a dedicated Remote Play streamer that will send pixels from your PS5 straight to your hands. It’s called the PlayStation Portal Remote Trigger and it will cost you $200.

again in May, Sony gave us a sneak peek at “Project Q‘, an upcoming mobile device that looks like someone took a band saw to a DualSense controller to fuse a screen into it. With PS5’s Remote Play feature that lets you stream a game running on your PS5 to a smartphone or PC, the bill has been billed The device is a way to take your PS5 games with you while still using the features of your DualSense controller, provided you have access to Wi-Fi.Fi, and of course, your PS5 is plugged in somewhere, powered on, and connected to the Internet.Today, This device has been officially revealed via a blog update from Sony, losing the Project Q design and gaining the title of PlayStation Portal remote player. lower speed.

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Sony states that the PlayStation Portal remote player will include the full features of a DualSense controller: adaptive triggers and device-specific haptic feedback. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack (thank goodness), and will use the 8-inch LCD screen to display a 1080p stream at 60fps right to your eyes.

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The PlayStation portal shows a home screen and Astro.

picture: Sony

But while the hardware looks pretty neat, it’s important to stress that, unlike products like the Nintendo Switch, or laptops like Valve’s Steam Deck, the PlayStation Portal Remote Launcher (PSRPP?) can’t run games locally. To use it, you’ll need to be connected to the internet as well as your PS5 at home. Sony says this requires a wireless internet connection of at least 5 Mbps, but 15 Mbps is ideal.

The device will not use any local processing power to run a game other than what is required to transmit the streaming image. And Sony hasn’t provided any details about what’s under the hood for the PlayStation Portal remote trigger.

Sony also revealed some new official headphones for PlayStation alongside the announcement, with a set of over-ear headphones (called the Pulse Explore) and over-ear headphones (Pulse Elite) that will retail for $200 and $150, respectively.

Although Sony states that the PlayStation Portal remote player will ship in 2023, no release date has been set for the unit.

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