“Sometimes, I think men rape them, strip them, mistreat them”: this mother worries about her daughters detained by Hamas

On Saturday October 7, Hamas launched a large-scale surprise military attack on Israel. Thousands of rockets were fired and Israelis captured.

Mayan Chin is the mother of two daughters. Daphna, 15 years old and Ella, 8 years old. The girls were at their father’s house in Nohal Oz, not far from the Gaza border, when they were abducted. “I wrote to him to ask if the girls were okay and he replied that everyone was in a safe room. I asked him if everyone is stressed because it always is, but he said no. Since then he stopped replying to me”, explains the mother CNEWS.

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The father of the two girls and his partner were found dead in a vacant lot. On October 8, Mayan Jin saw a photo of Dafna on her ex-husband’s Facebook page. The photo was released by Hamas and the teenager was accompanied by the caption, “It is better to wear prayer clothes.”

The mother, disillusioned, indicates that the world around her “ended” from that moment on. “The world has ended and my daughters are in Gaza […] Sometimes I think Hamas men rape, strip and abuse them, other times I think they can be fine because they are children.”.

Currently, several hundred hostages are being held by Hamas. Some were released, while others were subject to exchange or ransom demands.

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