Shootings in Sweden: Toll rises, one dead

In Sweden, the death toll in a shopping center shooting is high. One of the two, who was in critical condition, succumbed to treatment.

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UOne of two people injured in a shooting at a mall in Malmö, southern Sweden, has died, police said Friday evening.

A man and a woman were injured in the attack.

“The man succumbed to his injuries,” police said on their website, adding that the woman was still “being treated in hospital”.

Earlier in the evening, the regional health authorities mentioned that the condition of the latter was critical.

The police also said that they have arrested a youth suspected of being the shooter. He said he considered the attack an “isolated incident linked to criminals” and ruled out a terrorist motivation.

According to evidence gathered by local media, police have not confirmed that someone opened fire on people in the mall.

In July, the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, located about thirty kilometers from Malmö, opened fire in a shopping center, in which three people were killed.

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