Shooting in Prague: Czech police announce revised toll of 14 dead, 25 injured

Czech police chief Martin Vondracek told reporters that police had begun searching for the attacker before the shooting, after his father was found dead in the village of Hosetown, west of Prague. shoot”He left for Prague saying he wanted to commit suicide“, Mr. Vondracek said. Police previously said the gunman killed his father.

The police first searched the building of the Faculty of Arts where the killer was supposed to attend a class, but the latter went to another building nearby and the police did not find him in time.

has We received the first report of gunfire at 1:59 PM GMT“, Vondracek said, and the rapid response unit was on the scene within 12 minutes.”At 2:20pm GMT, officers involved in the operation informed us of the motionless body of the shooter.According to unconfirmed reports, he committed suicide.

Citing a social media investigation, Vondracek said the shooter “A similar case happened in Russia this fall“, without going into details.”As of now, there is no indication of any other danger“, he insisted.

Vondracek said no officers were injured Thursday and police had not yet begun to identify the dead as of 1700 GMT because fireworks were still in the works at the building.

It was the deadliest mass shooting since the Czech Republic became an independent state in 1993, sending shockwaves around the world.

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