Shannon Sharp Tearfully Thanks Skip Bayless During Final Appearance On ‘Undisputed’

Shannon Sharpe thanked Skip Bayless for their time together on Undisputed. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Even though they were part of a show built around angry and dramatic discussions, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless really like each other. During his final appearance on “Undisputed” on Tuesday, Sharpe shed tears and thanked Bayliss for being his partner for the past seven years.

Reports surfaced in early June indicating that Sharpe would be leaving the programme. He confirmed those reports Tuesday, saying they are his last day on “Undisputed”. Sharp then thanked those who had hired him and worked with him on the show over the years.

Eventually, Sharpe turned his attention to Bayliss. After promising he wouldn’t cry on air and would only cry in the car, Sharpe broke down in tears as he thanked Bayless.

Here are Sharpe’s full comments to Bayless:

“Last but not least: Skip Bayliss. You fought for me, brother. I’m here because of you. You let me share the stage with you. You let me share the stage. I’ll go cry in the car, but I won’t cry now. The chance you gave me to become what I have become.” I am forever indebted to you. I will never forget what you have done for me. You’ve helped me grow more than you know. One more thing before you go, skip. another thing. All I ask, is when you lay your head on that pillow at night, know that I gave you my all. I gave you everything I had.”

In the middle of that speech, Sharpe grabbed a handkerchief and wiped away the tears from his eyes. Bayliss tried to offer his thanks at that moment, but Sharpe prevented him from offering the words “something else.”

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Shannon Sharpe doesn’t know where he’s going next

Sharp says he’s not sure what to do next. At the end of “Undisputed” on Tuesday, Sharpe addressed fans, saying, “You’ll see me again somewhere, I don’t know where.”

Sharpe reportedly reached a buy-for-contract deal, resulting in his exit from Undisputed. He’s now a free media agent, and it probably won’t be long before he finds his next job.

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