Shania Twain shares a funny mistake on stage, and laughs at herself

Shania Twain

Screw hilarious concert posts

…He sings into the prop, not the microphone

Shania Twain She shared a magical chaos from a recent show… She tweeted a video of herself singing her song into a prop instead of a microphone.

The singer-songwriter shared the clip on Sunday of what went wrong… and it all starts in the middle of her song “(If You’re Not in This for Love) I’m Out of Here!”

She holds something in each hand – in one the microphone and in the other a long prop that looks like a magician’s wand… and she pulls the wrong thing up to her face in the middle of the song.

Watch the video… Shania appears to be so focused on the song that she forgets which hand she’s holding — but she quickly bounces back and corrects the mistake.

Unfortunately for the professional singer, she couldn’t keep it together during the track, and ended up addressing it on stage – shouting about how funny she found it in that moment.

It’s a very meaningful moment for Twain… who loved it so much, she borrowed a fan’s TikTok to post on her X account — with appropriate credit, of course.

Shania is back in Las Vegas after beginning her residency at Planet Hollywood last month. This video appears to be from one of those shows, although ST never came out and said.

We’ve had a ton of shows at PH this year…so get your tickets now for a chance to see more candid moments like this!

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