Sending Google messages schedule 2024 is broken for some

As we approach the new year, some, but not all, Google Messages users are noticing how they can't schedule sending until 2024.

In recent days, some people who schedule messages, such as “Happy New Year,” have found that they can't select anything after today when scrolling through the calendar. These future dates appear in Google's message picker in grey, even though they are December 31, 2024 Available as a schedule submission option for a reason.

You'll have no luck manually entering the date using the keyboard either, as “Date now allowed” appears in red.

Users experiencing this issue may have luck using the “Tomorrow, 8:00 AM” preset as a last resort. We'll have to see if this issue persists once we actually get to 2024, while beta updates should resume next week after the holiday break ends to address this issue.

This issue does not affect other Android apps, such as Gmail, that provide date picker/scheduler capabilities.

There are a few reports of this happening, while we were able to replicate the issue on one of our devices running the latest beta version. However, this is fine on another phone, which also turns on message preview, and not all users are affected by this annoying bug today.

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