Seedy K’s GameCap: Arkansas State

Louisville 63, Arkansas State 75.

There is no defense.



This was how another overwhelming opponent scored as he led the way. On U of L’s Dunking Cardinal hardwood.

The Red Wolves outscored the Cardinals on points in the paint 48-28. After the break, the victors scored 32 on the track, matching U of L’s total from anywhere.

State did not make the FG in the final 4:18. He won by dozens.

U of L finished the game on a 7-0 run in the final 1:52. To reduce the final deficit to 12.

The smaller team, wearing red, outscored the home team by 5, and won the battle for second chance points by 9.

U of L had 5 assists on 22 field goals. Arkansas State had 13, and Canning had 8 more FG.

Worst of all is the resignation of the University of Louisville Cardinals.


* * * * *

And this is more alarming than ever The L is perhaps not the most alarming act in the U of L basketball program today.

The way the school handled the end of Coron Davis’ membership on the team was, to say the least, clumsy. Very embarrassing.

If you don’t want to reveal the details of the split, leaving the audience hanging in the wind, that’s okay. At least tell the truth about how the relationship became final.

The presence, in the context of the past half century, was incomprehensible. Yum! It was empty.

My heart is crying.

– Kaplan CD

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