Saquon Barkley-Eagles, Hawks Cousins ​​contracts reviewed for tampering

The NFL is investigating whether the Philadelphia Eagles or Atlanta Falcons were guilty of foul play before the free agency negotiating window opened, according to ESPN. Dan Graziano.

For the Eagles, the allegations center around running back Saquon Barkley, and Atlanta is under the microscope regarding quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Pro Football Talks Mike Florio He wrote Wednesday that Cousins ​​may have inadvertently created some problems for Atlanta when he told reporters that he met with the team's head athletic trainer before being allowed to do so.

“Although this happens often, it rarely comes to light with such clarity,” Florio wrote. “This is exactly the thing that could prompt the league to mobilize, even though it usually looks the other way when it comes to manipulation.”

Meanwhile, Barkley and the Eagles are under scrutiny based on comments made by his former coach this week. Penn State head coach James Franklin spoke about a conversation the two-time Pro Bowler had with Philly general manager Howie Roseman.

ESPN Tim McManus The Eagles quickly reported denying that Roseman and Barkley had any impermissible contact, asserting instead that Barkley's agent was the conduit with team representatives.

Florio hinted that illicit manipulation is relatively common because there is no other explanation for why so many deals appear so quickly after the negotiation window opens. The key is to not leave any paper trail or say anything to pique the NFL's interests.

The league has regressed somewhat severely in the past when teams have been guilty of fixing.

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The Kansas City Chiefs had to do it Give up Third- and sixth-round draft picks when they broke the rules when signing wide receiver Jeremy Maclin during the 2015 season. The penalties were for the Miami Dolphins Much more dangerous When their representatives had impermissible contact with quarterback Tom Brady.

For the Eagles and/or Falcons, their big signings may carry an additional cost.

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