Samsung says the Galaxy S24's screen was intentionally “washed.”

Samsung's new Galaxy S24 Ultra has an absolutely stunning display, but for some users, the colors weren't as vibrant and were described as “washed out.” But Samsung says that's what it means.

Since the Galaxy S24 Ultra has started shipping in the past couple of weeks, there have been some product launches Users have noticed That the colors appear on the screen are not completely As vibrant as it was in previous models. Colors are described as “dull” because they are not as saturated as on older Galaxy devices. Comparisons shown The difference between the “Natural” and “Vivd” settings, for example, was minor at best.

In my personal experience with the S24 Ultra, I didn't really notice any significant difference. Really, I felt as though everything looked better with the new anti-reflective glass and flat panel.

But, according to Samsung, there have already been intentional changes to the display modes. Talking to TechnophilioSamsung explains that the display color profiles on the Galaxy S24 Ultra (and Galaxy S24 and S24+) have been adjusted to be “more accurate and comfortable.”

We have adjusted the colors and brightness of the Galaxy S24 series products to provide more accurate viewing and comfort during use. Some changes have been made to the display technology to provide a more natural viewing experience, so users may notice differences in color depth compared to older devices.

This display behavior is an intentional color modification and does not represent a defect in the product, so it can be used safely.

To provide our customers with the best possible experience, we value your feedback and are constantly improving our software (UX) as market and consumer interests evolve.

A Samsung employee claims that the company is ready to change this in an update to provide more pop to the “Vivid” mode, but the two statements are conflicting.

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Ultimately, we think most customers probably won't notice much of a difference between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and any other flagship phone, but ultimately the issue doesn't boil down to the hardware. It's all just software, and if customers continue to struggle with the change, it's entirely possible that Samsung will bring it back.

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