Sam, Thomas, Jack and Finley, ages 6 to 11, fall into a frozen lake and die.

Sam Butler (6), his brother Finley Butler (8), their cousin Thomas (11) and their friend Jack (10) died when they fell into a frozen lake near Birmingham in central England. The children were at a family reunion.


Because there were a lot of people in the apartment. So the boys decided to go out. It’s fine as long as they don’t go near the park pool.


The kids loved feeding the ducks. In all their excitement, a family member says, they may have gone too far in the snow. However, the ice was not thick enough and broke. The children fell into the cold water and drowned immediately.


The police dug through the ice and jumped into the freezing water. The father of two brothers panicked and threw himself into the water to search for his children. He himself had to go to the hospital with hypothermia.

Finlay and her nephew Thomas were already medically dead when they were taken to the hospital. Sam, the youngest victim, was revived and later died.


Jack Johnson, 10, is a boyfriend. And a hero, they say. He tried to save his friends, but he fell into the water. His condition was also critical when he was taken to the ambulance. He was resuscitated at the scene but died at the hospital.

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The family are obviously devastated, but say they are very grateful for the many messages of support they have received since the accident. “It’s really heart-wrenching,” said the late brothers’ mother.

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