Saints Row CEO looks frustrated with New Reboot sales

The boss from the new Saints Row is standing in front of a colorful explosion.

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While digital and physical sales of Saints row The reboot took a strong second place in both the US and European markets, with the open-world crime sim being rejected for first place. Madden NFL 23 And the Grand Theft Auto V, Straight. While second place is not bad, the Saints row The reboot was actually a bit of a flop, at least as far as Embracer CEO Lars Wingfors is concerned.

as such reported by GamesIndustry.biz7.7 million games were sold in the tracked European territories during August and 2013 Grand Theft Auto V Group leadership. Saints row He came in second place, sandwiched between Rockstar’s mega-hull and God-Tier FIFA 22. And in the United States, Chronicle video game Has NPD stats, which shows the crime restart loss Madden NFL 23. completely binary: Madden NFL 23 It was disastrous reviewsAnd the GTA V Zephyr came out nine years ago.

to be fair, Saints row It wasn’t released until August 23, while GTA V It was, of course, available for the entire month. (madden (released Aug. 19.) But Embracer CEO Lars Wingfors seems pretty underperformed, too. AxiosStephen Totilo reports That during today’s investor call, Wingefors described restarting the crime segment as “one of the toughest processes” for the company to make a return on. He’s hoping to see “more reception” in the game, and while it certainly beat some players, others aren’t convinced.

However, it was not all gloomy and torturous. Wingefors emphasized that the company needed to “wait until the quarterly report in November for more details.” In response to inquiries about the future of the franchise, Wingefors highlighted his confidence in those working in the game and said any potential decisions are uncertain at the moment.

2022 الصف القديسين، إعادة تشغيل لسلسلة جرائم العالم المفتوح التي طال أمدها ، تخوض معركة شاقة منذ ذلك الحين detect polarization to some extent last year. Although the series has always played the second violin in GT Titan, his appearance It was not well received by critics and fans alikeanyway KotakuZack Zwizen I found it enjoyable enough.

It’s one thing to think about what’s modern Saints row He will need appearance and achievement in order for you to be as popular with the players as before; Another thing to keep in mind is how anything at this point can take down something that is still very popular like Grand Theft Auto V. aside, that is, from It was recently leaked to all hell sequel.

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