Said Chou criticized Algeria for supporting the “Rif National Party”.

Former Al Hoceima MP Saïd Chaou criticized Algeria for recognizing the fake Rif National Party (PNR) created in Brussels (Belgium) in September 2023 and known for its desire for independence for the Rif in Morocco. Algiers districts, at Boirson, in a villa belonging to the officers.

The opening of a pseudo-Rif National Party (PNR) representative office in a villa owned by Algerian officials in a posh district of Algiers, in Poirson, continues to provoke reactions. In a message, Saïd Chaou assures that there is no connection, directly or indirectly, with the “September 18 movement”, which was promoted by the Algerian intelligence services, which allowed the fake Rif National Party (PNR) to open its office in Algiers. As far as the movement is concerned, those who are manipulated and supported materially and morally by Algeria represent only themselves. The former MP still asserts that there was no coordination, encouragement or inducement with them to settle personal scores at the expense of the Rif.

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Chaou says that he realizes that there are outstanding political problems regarding the Rif, but the solution of these problems must be done within the framework of Morocco, without the intervention of foreign powers that are only interested in their own interests and seek to disrupt the political journey for all. Consider participating in and supporting creative projects. The movement condemned attempts by the Algerian intelligence services to exploit tensions to achieve their objectives. He also renews his demand for the release of all political prisoners, especially those detained following the Rif movement.

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