SAG-AFTRA Supports Actors Appearing on ABC Show – Deadline

It’s been a busy few days in the world Dancing with the stars.

Matt Walsh, HBO star vice president A member of the WGA, he temporarily suspended his involvement with the ABC show after significant pressure from the Writers Guild. Competitors such as Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino and How did you meet? Your mother Alyson Hannigan has also faced calls to stop dancing the tango.

However, in a statement today, SAG-AFTRA supported its members who chose to participate in the series, which is scheduled to premiere Tuesday night.

She noted that as a result of the network code agreement, they are not violating strike rules and are required to go to work.

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The federation noted, “We support them in fulfilling their contractual obligations.” “The majority of our members Dancing with the stars He had contractual obligations to the show before the strike. Many of them are subject to option agreements that require them to return to the show if the producer exercises his option, which the producer did.

As part of the netcode’s collective bargaining agreement, the stars are also subject to a no-strike clause, she added. “By not showing up for work, our artists could be held in breach of contract and the union is prohibited from advising them not to work,” he added.

SAG-AFTRA also reaffirmed its solidarity with the WGA; Dancing with the stars It is a signed show on the WGA and traditionally employs one writer. “We stand with our union brothers across the industry because we also recognize our obligations under federal labor law,” she said.

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The move comes as ABC considers pushing back the show’s premiere date and making plans for alternative programming if necessary.

Among the other actors appearing in the show Doctor Strange xochitl gomez, The Brady Bunch Barry Williams W Zoe 101 Jamie Lynn Spears.

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