Ryan Reynolds’ movie IF is blowing up at the box office, and critics are hating it too

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Ryan Reynolds

‘IF’ struggles in opening weekend…

Imaginary friends don’t bring real dollars

Ryan ReynoldsThe new movie “IF” must have a lot of imaginary friends in the audience… because it’s a box office hit despite its star-studded cast.

Delivery time Reports indicate that the film grossed just $10.3 million on Friday — including previews — and is headed toward an opening of just $30 million… below initial projected estimates.

Plus, there’s another negative for the new creative pic… critics seem to want it to disappear like a kids’ IF movie when they grow up – it currently has a shockingly low rating of 49%. Rotten tomatoes Despite the all-star cast.

To be fair, audiences love the movie…it has an 84% viewership rating on RT — so fans are happy with the final product to say the least.

BTW… Deadline tells movie industry execs not to panic — because Paramount got a shot at the movie. They say PG-rated live-action movies usually aren’t huge hits, and aren’t generally liked by critics, but they fill a specific niche that usually leads to long-term success.

“IF” follows Cal (Reynolds), a man who helps forgotten imaginary friends reconnect with the children they created after they grow up. movie stars John Krasinski -And who also brought it out? Steve Carell, Emily Blunt, Aquafina, Blake Lively, Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon And much more.

Obviously, with a stellar cast, the film is going to have to pull a boatload to recoup its budget, which Deadline says is around $110 million.

But maybe the producers just need to stay positive and keep believing in “IF.”

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