Rwanda celebrates 30 years of reconciliation after genocide

Teacher's note: Make sure to review all materials before presenting them to your class — The main video for this lesson Contains violent and disturbing images related to genocide.


Rwanda is holding celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of the genocide in the East African country that claimed one million lives. Rwanda has won praise for its rebuilding efforts, but democratic backsliding and conflict just beyond its borders have raised concerns about the country's future stability. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports. Warning, this story discusses and contains images of genocide.

Scenery Text From the story.

Alternative news: paying off Recent sectors From the NewsHour, and choose the story you want to see most. You can Make a Google Doc copy of the discussion questions Which works for any of the stories here.

Warm-up questions

  • where Is it Rwanda?
  • from Was genocide committed in Rwanda?
  • how Many people were killed in the war?
  • What Was the legal process used to reconcile opposing factions in Rwanda?
  • Why Are there still challenges in Rwanda after 30 years?

Focus questions

What do you think are the best ways to reconcile the nation's people after the civil war?

Media Culture: Why do you think the story of this anniversary is being covered on an American news program? What makes it relevant to other global concerns?

substitute: Look, think, wonder: What did you notice? What story made you think? What do you want to know more about?

For more

What students can do:

Do you know about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs?

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The Sustainable Development Goals represent an international plan to eradicate poverty and inequality and protect the environment. You can learn more about them here.

After learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, have a class discussion – How can Rwanda's path to reconciliation help inspire the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?

teachers: Check out this lesson About the Sustainable Development Goals and challenge your students to think about making the world a better place.

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