Russians, Ukrainians, Americans… Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Gas Pipelines 1 Year Ago?

Pole in the Baltic: A year after the gas pipeline burst, the sabotage of the Nord Stream remains a mystery.

More investigations are underway to identify those responsible. All of this is in a very emotional environment because of the war in Ukraine.

Chain explosions

Four major gas leaks off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm and southern Sweden on September 26, 2022: They are caused by underwater explosions within hours of Nord Stream 1 and 2, the large underwater pipelines connecting Russia to Germany. Most of Russia’s gas goes to Europe.

Who did this? Russians? Ukrainians? Americans? English? Who benefits from crime? In the context of the war in Ukraine, it is difficult to see who benefits from crime. And accusations fly in all directions.

At the moment, gas will no longer flow through Nord Stream 1, as Russia has closed pipelines to Europeans supporting Ukraine. As for Nord Stream 2, it is barely finished and has yet to enter service.

Now, a year later, three legal investigations launched separately by Germany, Sweden and Denmark have not succeeded.

Ukraine Calls for Russian Terror Attack, Vladimir Putin refers to “Anglo-Saxons”., Joe Biden was furious, Russians too

For the Swedes, “The main hypothesis is that a state is lagging behind“Sabotage. This is what Swedish lawyer Mats Ljungqvist said in April 2023, and its authors know”They are very good at leaving traces“. And the lawyer hopes to reach a conclusion by 2024.

In Germany, the public prosecutor’s office is cautious, confirming that “No reliable statements can be made at this time“on the identity and motivations of the perpetrators, or”On the question of state support“.

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Tracks in all directions

Not only the courts but also the media are taking note of this. They launch reconstruction expeditions, some using underwater drones, experts, even former secret agents and reporting routes from Warsaw through Moldova to Crimea.

In early March, the New York Times confirmed, based on information consulted by US intelligence, that “Pro-Ukrainian group” will have the appearance of sabotage, but without the involvement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

At the same time, German prosecutors announced they were investigating a boat suspected of carrying explosives. including the German media Die Zeit And pork It was revealed on March 7 that it would lead to Ukraine. OtherGerman media Spiegel and ZDF chartered the 15-meter sailboat “Andromeda” to recreate the journey of the Ukrainian crew of five men and one woman from the German port of Rostock to the coast of Bornholm.

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