‘Russian diamonds don’t last forever’: In Hiroshima, G7 leaders ‘united’ on sanctions against Russia

The United States and its G7 allies announced new sanctions on Friday aimed at the lucrative Russian diamond trade, just before their summit in Hiroshima to limit Russia’s ability to continue its war in Ukraine.

In a city symbol of peace in Japan, leaders of major industrialized democracies must agree to toughen up on Russia and find a common line against China’s growing military and economic power.

Facing Moscow, the G7 must commit to disrupting the country’s military supply, closing loopholes to break economic sanctions, further reducing dependence on Russian energy and freezing Moscow’s assets until the end of the war, a senior US government official has promised. Joe Biden. March on Washington kicks off Friday to announce new sanctions “Significant“against”Russian war machine“.

They have to stopAbout 70 companies in Russia and other countries receive US exports“, the official added.

other members G7 – It brings USA, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Canada – Following that, London soon unveiled new measures aimed at the Russian mining sector, including a ban on the diamond trade, which brings Moscow billions of dollars each year.

Russian diamonds don’t last forever

These barriers show “The G7 remains united in the face of Russia’s threat and remains steadfast in its support for Ukraine” said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.Russian diamonds don’t last forever“, for his part the President of the European Council, Charles Michael, announced that the EU is also going to limit its trade.

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