“Russia Will Face ‘Severe Consequences’ If It Uses Nuclear Weapons”

Russia Reveals Itself”Severe consequences“If it uses nuclear weapons in a war against Ukraine, which it invaded at the end of February, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned during a press conference on Friday. Zelensky’s request for quick accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, designed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr, the Norwegian did not make much progress.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said he would not hesitate to use it on several occasions.All his ways“Security, including nuclear energy, in order to”to protect“, raising fears of the use of nuclear weapons. For the head of NATO, this nuclear rhetoric is dangerous.”Moscow must understand that a nuclear war will never be won“, he underlined, Russia has revealed itself”Severe consequences“If it had still used nuclear weapons. In his speech after Vladimir Putin’s ceremony to annex four eastern Ukrainian territories in front of their pro-Russian leaders, Jens Stoltenberg described the annexations.”Territorial captures“.

These lands belong to Ukraine“, he insisted.”This is the second time Russia has forcibly annexed part of Ukraine.“, he further mentioned Crimea, which was annexed by a peninsula in the south of Ukraine in 2014. Asked about the fast-track membership application of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization submitted by Ukraine, NATO’s Secretary General replied “Every European democracy has the right to apply for NATO membership“.”We support Ukraine’s right to choose its own path“, he continued, to the head of the alliance, before slipping that this decision requires consensus among the 30 member states, the latter currently focusing on providing aid to Ukraine.

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