Russia launches “exit from Council of Europe” process

After more than two weeks of war in Ukraine, Russia accuses NATO and the European Union of turning the Council of Europe into an instrument of expansion.

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IRussia decided on Tuesday to begin the process of “leaving the Council of Europe”, accusing NATO and the European Union of turning it into a tool in their service to “their military-political and economic expansion in Europe.” The “announcement of the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the organization” was issued to its Secretary-General Marija Bezcinovic Burik on Tuesday, according to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Those who urge us to take this action will accept full responsibility for the destruction of the common humanitarian and legal space on the continent and for the consequences of the Council of Europe, which, without Russia, would lose its pan-European status,” he added.

The Atlantic Coalition and the European Union Ministry continue, “In this system see only the instrument of ideological support for military-political and economic expansion in the East.

In its statement, it accused Russian diplomacy, European Council of Human Rights (ECHR) and European Council institutions, including its judiciary, of being “systematically used to put pressure on Russia and interfere in its internal affairs.”

The day after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine – February 24, the European Council decided to suspend participation in various Russian organizations, the last destination for about 145 million Russian citizens, excluding the ECHR.

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The Council of Europe, the watchdog for human rights in Europe, was formed in 1949, bringing together almost all the states of the continent, a total of 47 since 1996, including Russia, and Ukraine since 1995.

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