Russia is cutting itself off from the Internet and the media to impose its official story on the war in Ukraine

Disaster feet

This site is highly criticized in Europe and the United States, especially due to misinformation. According to eMarketer, only 7.5 million Russians watch it frequently.

But from the Arab Spring to the anti-racist protests in the United States in 2020, it has served activists and voluntary organizations in many countries to mobilize around a variety of political causes.

It also plays an essential role in the free media environment in Russia, underlined by Natalia Krabiva, a lawyer who specializes in technology at NGO Access Now.

The expression of critical figures takes place mainly on social networks in Russia. Content on Facebook is shared by messengers. So this is a devastating blow to free access to information and to resist war.“, She explains.

Like other experts, he expects similar actions against YouTube, for example, which many independent media outlets and protesters use to spread their statements and opinions.

The regulator also promised that the Ukrainian government would begin restricting access to Twitter, which it has successfully used with Western nations in the communications war with Moscow.

There is a danger that people will no longer be able to know the truth“, Laments Natalia Krabiva.

Russian television broadcasts portraying Ukrainians as fascist enemies threatening Russia and broadcasting annoying lies. “They did not show the bombed cities and what was happening to the public. They are talking about the release of so-called anti-Ukrainian militants“, She says.

Thousands of Russians were arrested during protests against the invasion.

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