Russia believes French secret forces were not behind the Moscow attack

The Russian Defense Ministry said it believed the “French secret services” did not claim responsibility for the attack near Moscow after a phone conversation between the French armed forces minister and his Russian counterpart on Wednesday. exists).

“The Kiev regime will not do anything without the consent of its Western supervisors. In this case, we believe that the French special services are not behind it,” Sergei Shoigu said in a press release from his ministry.

During the call, Paris previously confirmed that French Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu “recalled France's presence” for “increased exchanges” with Russia in the fight against “terrorism” after the 22 March ISIS attack.

Moscow attacks: Investigation reveals attackers received “huge sums of money from Ukraine”.

On March 22, gunmen entered a concert hall, opened fire on the crowd and set fire to the building. At least 144 people were killed and 360 injured in the attack by IS.

The Kremlin admitted that “radical Islamists” were behind the attack, while condemning Ukrainian involvement coordinated by the West.

The Russian ministry again returned to the recent controversial comments of Emmanuel Macron, who in February assessed that sending troops to Ukraine “cannot be ruled out”.

“Vladimir Putin Shame on Being So Horribly Contradicted”

Sergu Shoigu pointed out that “if (these declarations, editor's note) are implemented, it will create problems for France itself,” the Russian ministry said.

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