Rumor has it that Samsung’s mid-range foldable phone will be impossibly cheap

Samsung’s foldable phones aren’t cheap, but the company has managed to charge less money for its foldable devices than some of its competitors. Samsung is trying to make foldable devices more accessible, and rumors suggest that the company is working on a foldable mid-range phone next year.

There is not much evidence to support this rumour, but the market analysis company TrendforceThe device is planned for release in 2024, he says, citing supply chain sources.

This device should help democratize foldable phone technology. But for that to happen, it needs a low enough price. So, how much does Samsung’s mid-range foldable phone cost?

According to another new rumor via @Tech_Revethe mysterious, mid-range foldable Galaxy device will go on sale for between $400 and $500.

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Needless to say, $400 to $500 for a foldable phone seems hard to come by. The Galaxy A54 was released at $450 and has no foldable parts or hinge.

The Galaxy S23 FE debuted at $600, which likely means the mid-range foldable phone will need lower specs than the S23 FE to meet the $400-$500 price range.

Could this Galaxy device exist?

Judging by Samsung’s current Galaxy phone lineup, this rumored foldable device will have to make significant sacrifices to achieve a foldable form factor and sub-$500 price tag. As far as foldable phones go, this device is likely to be closer to the “low-end” market segment than the “mid-range” market segment. And the word “Galaxy Foldable” sounds like an oxymoron.

In essence, this phone will have to make sacrifices across the board, from the internal hardware to the cameras and build quality, just to offer a foldable screen at a relatively affordable price. Either that, or Samsung will have to make a loss on every unit sold.

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Some industry observers believe that Samsung’s low-cost and mid-range Galaxy phone will be released next year.

Editor’s note: Samsung is a different kind of device manufacturer nowadays. She has a reputation for sticking to it and rarely does things on a whim. They cannot do one-off trials as smaller OEMs do (as they have been doing for many years). When Samsung commits to an idea, it has to be proven true.

With that in mind, getting a low-cost foldable phone for $400-$500 may be too difficult to achieve next year. If this device has too many compromises across the board, it can’t remain committed to Samsung’s current design philosophy. But perhaps Samsung would be willing to lower the price of the device and give up some revenue to create a decent, low-cost package, if only to help democratize foldable phones. Time will tell.

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