Round Up: Previews are at Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-Boot Camp

So, what did the other outlets say? to start things, the edge Entertainment editor Andrew Webster said the first few hours of the remake was a welcome return and the games were as good as they were back in the day:

“I’m jealous of anyone who gets to experience these games for the first time, but for me, I get to play the original game advanced wars Again it was like slipping into an old comfy sweater. Even if it looks different now – games have been given a nicer look, and more detailed battlefields now look like they’re taking place on a tabletop – it’s great. I especially like the characters who are more expressive and which make reading through the story more fun.”

wccftechNews editor and staff writer Nathan Birch enjoyed it, even if it didn’t “reinvent the wheel”:

Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp doesn’t mess with the classics, bringing a pair of solid old-school tactical strategy games into a new era with just a few tweaks to make the experience more accessible. I have more for you to play, part of me wonders what audience this is The package, as purists have already played these games to death, and beginners may not be seduced by their retro motifs and WayForward’s inconsistent visual change. I have no doubt some new recruits will be persuaded to join the fray, but I’m not sure how big this new army will be.”

God is obsessed He summed it up as a “faithful remake” in its hands-on preview, but noted the difficulty spikes. Here’s what Editor-in-Chief Adam Cook had to say:

Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-boot Camp seems, so far, to scratch an itch I didn’t know I had. Failure isn’t met with frustration, instead it’s greeted with a smile, and hastily resumed battle with a desire to do better. Maybe what I’m still relatively early on in the campaign, but despite playing these games for over twenty years, they feel fresh again.The cartoonish aesthetic feels right for the characters (mostly), and some of the music is decidedly slapstick… I can’t wait To dig deeper to see more of what you have to offer.”

player You were also reminded of just how tough this classic series can be – Lead Jade King features editor mentioning how he “couldn’t care less about holding your hand”:

Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp is a fun yet familiar treat, faithful to the original games while refining its visuals to not only feel modern, but imbued with an extra dose of personality that lightens the otherwise dreary subject matter. It’s fun and challenging with an understanding Attractive strategic mechanics with little concern for your hand-holding.”

And VGCEditor-in-Chief Andy Robinson also enjoyed revisiting these classics, noting how they retained much of the original design with “a lot of flare” to show:

In its opening duties, the 2023 Switch remake — led by California-based WayForward — seems to do a great job of preserving what made the original Advance Wars great. In its opening hours at least, its design remains incredibly faithful to the original, while it’s made It displayed a fun flare, with the kind of beautifully animated characters, full of personality, that players have come to expect from the studio behind Shantae.”

Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-Boot Camp launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on April 21, 2023.

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