Roger Waters’ anti-Semitism is in the spotlight in CAA’s damning new documentary

Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters has been accused of anti-Semitism again after a new documentary released by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism revealed more evidence of the singer’s bias.

The CAO launched a full investigation into Waters’ case, which uncovered a number of “disturbing emails,” the authority said. The group was also able to provide witness testimony from those working with Waters on anti-Semitism.

Waters has not yet issued a public response to the documentary.

Waters Inflatable Pig Prop

Waters, despite denying allegations of anti-Semitism, allegedly wanted to put the phrase “Dirty Kyke” [sic] on his infamous inflatable pig, according to emails obtained by the Civil Aviation Authority during the investigation. The term “Kyke” is a misspelling of a slur used against Jews. The pig, which was used as a prop at Water’s concerts, actually contained the Star of David, which is considered a symbol of both Judaism and the State of Israel.

An inflatable pig with a Star of David on it was displayed during Roger Waters’ performance of “The Wall” in Belgium in 2013 (Credit: Courtesy)

The email also claims that Waters wanted the pig to pour confetti into the audience, in the form of swastikas, Stars of David and dollar symbols.

Email from Roger Waters: “Hey guys, who’s going to make pigs? Would it be worth going out on Stuka gears? I imagine it’s black with a crossed hammers logo from 1980, but covered with symbols from ‘Good by blue sky,'” Crosses, Stars of David (that’s King David not David Gilmour), crescent moon and star, dollar signs (Credit: Campaign Against Antisemitism)

Witnesses to Waters’ anti-Semitic statements

CAA interviewed former Pink Floyd saxophonist Norbert Stachel, who stated that Waters mocked Stachel’s grandmother, who was murdered by the Nazis.

Stachel also alleged that Waters asked the server to “take away the Jewish food” when he was dissatisfied with the restaurant.

Stachel claimed that others who worked with Waters warned him not to complain if he wanted to keep working with him.

Music producer Bob Ezrin also spoke with CAA, claiming that Waters rapped about his former agent Brian Morrison, with the lyrics stating “Kos Morey molesting a Jew.”

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CAO comments on the investigation

“Roger Waters has repeatedly used his enormous platform to bait Jews, but he always claims he is not anti-Semitic,” said Gideon Falter, CAA’s chief executive. “We believed there was other evidence to the contrary, and the release of The Dark Side of Roger Waters now puts the evidence we have obtained into the hands of the public.

“It’s hard to imagine a rock star emblazoning the ‘N’ word over his concerts, but Mr. Waters asked his staff to do just that with the ‘K’ word. Not only that, he apparently spent some time humiliating and harassing his Jewish employees.

“One can’t help but watch this film and wonder what kind of person uses his power for this purpose. Is Roger Waters an anti-Semite? Now people can make up their own minds.”

Roger Waters’ Controversial History

Roger Waters dressed as an SS officer and compared Anne Frank to Al Jazeera journalist Sherine Abu Okla during a concert at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. Jerusalem Post Reported in May 2023.

At the beginning of the show, an announcement was shown on the screen that read, “In a matter of public interest: a court in Frankfurt has ruled that I am not an anti-Semite,” drawing applause from the audience. “We condemn anti-Semitism without reservation,” the announcement continued.

Former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour Waters was also accused of anti-Semitism mail Reported in February. Gilmore posted on ”

TZVI JOFFREE contributed to this report

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