“Resident Evil 4” Remake Scores Raves


Just as Capcom’s remake of “Resident Evil 2” had the highest score of any 2019 game MetacriticIt looks as if the upcoming “Resident Evil 4” could do the same this year.

The praise for this new take on the most critically acclaimed entry in the game franchise is near universal as the title pulls in 93/100 on PC and PS5 and 91/100 on Xbox – easily placing it in Game of the Year contender territory.

It’s also the franchise’s best numbers in recent years. The 2019 RE2 remake has a dip of 93/91/89, the 2020 RE3 remake has a lower score of 84/79/77, and the all-new 2021 game “Resident Evil Village” scores 84/83/83.

It follows some very strong ground-breaking remakes like “Dead Space” (89/89/87) and “The Last of Us Part I” (88) along with “Metroid Prime” and “The Witcher 3” sitting at 94. /100 each.

While the latter two are more straightforward remakes, this is a complete remake in a new engine, and as such marks the highest-scoring “new” game of 2023 so far behind the “Dead Space” remake, “Hi-Fi Rush” (89) and “Hogwarts Legacy” (88).

The “Resident Evil 4” remake also scored 10/10s from nearly thirty outlets including The Guardian, The Washington Post, Digital Spy, VG247, IGN, TheGamer, Push Square, Game Spot, GamesHub, VGC, and more.

As the game nears release, the obvious question becomes where Capcom goes next. The less respected, co-op-centric “Resident Evil 5” with its deeply questionable politics followed by the widely hated “Resident Evil 6”? Are they going back to the beginning with a remake of the first game? Will they attempt to bring the Dreamcast’s Resident Evil: Code Veronica into the modern age?

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Much will depend on sales of the fourth game’s remake, which will hit stores next Friday.

source: Forbes

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