Report: Wink Martindale cursed Brian Daboll after learning of defensive personnel firing

Reports have proven that Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale has officially resigned from his position To be incorrectbut there doesn't seem to be a future for their relationship.

Martindale's response to coach Brian Daboll opting to make changes to the coaching staff is a big reason why. The Giants fired outside linebackers coach Drew Wilkins and defensive assistant Kevin Wilkins — both of whom accompanied Martindale in his move from the Ravens to the Giants — and Paul Schwartz from the Giants. New York Post Reports indicate that Martindale “cursed Daboll, He said I cut him off“He got up, closed the door and left the building” upon hearing the news.

Per Schwartz, there was a feeling that Martindale and Drew Wilkins were “creating their own fiefdom within the coaching staff” and bypassing Daboll when it came to making decisions on defense. There were reports during the season of relationship problems between Daboll and Martindale as well. Daboll said Monday he expects Martindale to return in 2024, but that was before the firings and rancorous meetings happened.

Martindale was spotted at the airport Tuesday boarding a plane headed to his home in Florida, which is not the Kickers' usual modus operandi as the season wraps up. The resignation would leave Martindale without the $3 million he is owed for the 2024 season and the Giants could prevent his ability to pursue other jobs. A firing could take those options off the table, but there's no sign the Giants are ready to go that route right now.

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