Report: iOS 18 will allow users to recolor app icons and place them wherever they want on the home screen

like Mark Gorman reported In the latest Power On newsletter, iOS 18 will give users more customization of their iPhone home screen. In addition to being able to place icons freely, rather than being limited to the current fixed aligned grid, Apple will also open up app icon customization as a first-party feature for the first time.

Specifically, Gorman reported that iOS 18 will allow users to “change the color of app icons.” For example, they could make all their social networking apps blue, and all their financial apps blue.

The home screen icon can currently be customized through hacks such as creating home screen shortcuts for a single action that launches a specific app. But this is a bit difficult to setup.

With iOS 18, it looks like this experience will now be a fully supported feature. It is not clear whether the icons will be freely customized, changing them to any new image the user desires, or whether the system will simply allow recoloring, i.e. keeping the same icon but changing the color palette used.

iOS 18 will be officially unveiled in two weeks, at Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC, which will be held this year on June 10. Apple will release the next major versions of its operating systems, including iOS 18, with an expected heavy focus on synthetic devices. Intelligence features.

In addition to a wealth of AI capabilities, and long-requested home screen updates like the ability to choose your own app icons, Apple is also expected to update several built-in iPhone apps with new features in what has been described as one. One of the biggest iOS updates ever.

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