Reggie on NoA Issues: ‘This Isn’t Nintendo I Left Out’

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As I’ve heard over the past few weeks, Nintendo of America has come under fire for its alleged treatment of part-time workers and contractors. NoA has already issued a response to one of those complaints, stating that the video game giant is “fully committed” to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for both employees and contractors, while noting how it takes staffing matters seriously.

Despite this, it is reported that there Growing discontent behind the scenesnow Former President of Nintendo of AmericaReggie Fils-Aimé shared his thoughts on supposed union issues during an interview with The Washington Post. He says it wasn’t the company he knew, and it wasn’t Nintendo that he left.

Here’s the full rundown (via Nintendo Everything):

“I’ve already read that story. And again, at this point, I’m three years away from being president of Nintendo of America. It’s been a long time. When I’ve read the stories and read the reports, it amazes me that this isn’t the Nintendo I left. And what I mean by that is that When I was at Nintendo, we routinely held meetings and events where our partners were invited – that’s how we referred to our contract employees. Just as a small example, I’ve been known to offer bi-monthly and quarterly lunches with employees – it was a basic check-in. Colleagues were invited to sign up for this As far as full-time employees were invited. We didn’t make a difference. The reports I hear really shocked me because it’s not the company I know. I’ll leave it at that.

“The primary focus when I was at Nintendo of America was to have a healthy culture within the company, and I know I’ve been able to achieve that. And what’s being described doesn’t sound like a healthy culture.”

As Reggie mentioned, he has been away from the company for over three years. When he ran the show – he was known for hosting lunches with colleagues and staff and strove to maintain a “healthy culture”. This is a stark contrast to some of the reports currently appearing on the Internet.

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