Red Sox’s Johnny Gomez beats Trevor Storey’s Grand Slam

BOSTON – Trevor Storey took home a big win over Green Monster – and at the hands of the former Red Sox player – after a night of knocking out three barriers over the fabled left field wall at Fenway Park, leading to Boston’s 7-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners. On Friday night.

The story connected on a 1-2 thigh-high slider off Robbie Ray (4-4), sending him into the front row to give Boston a 4-0 lead in the third inning. Former Red Sox player Johnny Gomez, a member of the 2013 World Series Champion Boston, sat on top of the beast. He moved a few steps to his right and threw a Storey blow to his body, shooting the person next to him with a big smile. He also lifted his shirt in celebration.

The story didn’t know that Gomez caught her until after the match.

“I saw like a clip of it and saw Gomez was like crazy,” Storey said. “I thought this was cool, man. This is something special. I will never forget it.”

Originally, when The Associated Press interviewed him on The Monster during the match, Gomez said he would keep it.

Former Red Sox star Johnny Gomez celebrates after his Grand Slam win for Trevor Storey (right) in the third game of the Red Sox’s 7-3 win over the Mariners.
@RedSox/Twitter; AP

“I’m going to have Trevor sign it and take it home,” said the 41-year-old, with the ball sitting on the tabletop in front of him.

But he chatted with Story afterwards and the duo came up with an idea.

“I made him sign it for me,” said Storey. “My first major tournament as a Red Sox player, it was something that I thought was very special. It was really an amazing moment. It made him sign the other side.”

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The story knew that Gomez wanted it but he changed his mind.

“I think he’ll keep it at first,” Storey said. “I said, ‘I think it would be cool if I signed it and kept it because it was my first. “

Gomez came in after the match and put the ball in Story’s locker.

Besides delving three times into Boston’s win in the opener of Thursday’s four-game streak, Storey received four strokes and led in seven runs.

“Obviously Trevor Storey has been very exciting,” said Scott Service, Mariners manager. “His season has started. Unfortunately, it has happened in the last couple of days.”

Jackie Bradley Jr added a three-stroke shot for the Red Sox, who won for the seventh time in 10 games after a five-game losing streak.

Austin Davis (1-1) comforted star Michael Wacha with two goals in the fifth and twice in the fifth, as he managed to beat JB Crawford before finishing perfectly sixth in the victory.

Retrieved from the injury list 15 days before the match, Wacha gave up two and four strokes in 4 2/3 innings, and walked three with three strokes. He was sidelined with a soreness in his left side.

“I wasn’t expecting to see him out there in the stands,” Wacha said of Gomez’s catch. “I saw him in the dugout in pre-match. It feels like you go to the stadium every day and see something you’ve never seen before. It was that day, for sure.”

Abraham hit Homer in two runs in favor of the Mariners, who took down four of five.

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