Rebel Wilson casts Sacha Baron Cohen in star-blocking memoir role

Rebel Wilson has revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen is the Hollywood star who has been sending her threats to stop her from publishing her upcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising.”

On social media, the Australian actress previously referred to a “huge hole” she once worked with, adding that the anonymous star hired a crisis PR team and began making threats after claiming she would devote her full efforts. Detach him in her diary and expose his behavior.

in New Instagram post “I will not be bullied or silenced by overpaid lawyers or PR crisis managers,” she wrote on March 25. The “hole” I talk about in one chapter of my book is Sacha Baron Cohen.

“Now this son of a bitch is trying to threaten me. He's hired a PR manager and crisis lawyers. He's trying to stop the press for my new book. But the book will come out and you'll all know the truth,” Wilson claimed in his old posts.

diverse I have reached out to Baron Cohen's publicist for comment.

in March 15 post on Instagram“When I first came to Hollywood, people were like, yeah, ‘I have a no-holes policy,’ which means, yeah, I don’t work with holes.’ I was like, ‘Oh yeah.’ I mean that sounds reasonable,” Wilson said. Or logically. But then it really sunk in because I worked with a big a**hole and yeah, now I definitely have a no**holes policy.

Wilson and Baron Cohen starred together in the 2016 film “The Brothers Grimsby.”

Speaking on a radio show in 2014, Wilson suggested that she had pressured her to “appear naked” in the film, going so far as to threaten to call the agent for his share and tell her he was “harassing” her.

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“He says every day: ‘Just go naked, it'll be funny,'” V recalled Borat When did you do that nude scene? “It was funny,” Wilson said. “On the last day, I thought I won the argument and he got a body double to do the nude scene.”

However, when it came to filming the final scene in “Grimsby,” Wilson said in the radio interview that she was told to “stick your movie up my ass.” When she pointed out that he wasn't in the script, she claimed he said: “Look, I'm going to pull my pants down, just stick your finger up my ass, it'll be really funny.”

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