Qatargate: Mark Darabella and Francesco Giorgi no longer have to wear electronic bracelets

I amHe MEP Mark Darabella and Francesco Giorgi, a partner of former European Parliament vice-president Eva Kylie, were released on conditions by an investigating judge as part of a corruption investigation this half-cycle, the federal prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday. So they no longer need to wear an electronic bracelet and can move around freely.

“Their pre-trial detention is no longer justified,” the prosecution said, endorsing the trial magistrate’s decision.

For months, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has been conducting a detailed investigation into Qatari and Moroccan efforts to influence economic and political decisions of the European Parliament. Both countries are said to have tried to influence its decisions and resolutions through former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri and his non-profit organization ‘Fight Impunity’.

In this case, in addition to Pier Antonio Panzeri, his right-hand man Francesco Giorgi, Eva Kaili, partner of Italian-Brussels lobbyist Nicolo Figa, the latter and former Greek vice-president of the European Parliament, were arrested on December 9. Talamanca, Eva Kylie’s father and trade unionist Luca Vicentini. The latter two were released after trial, but Francesco Giorgi, Eva Caili, Pier Antonio Panzeri and Niccolò Figa-Talamanca were placed under arrest warrants. On February 11, Belgian MEP Marc Darabella was arrested.

Since then, lobbyist Niccolo Figa-Talamanca has been acquitted by the trial judge, who has placed the other four under electronic surveillance at home. Eva Kylie was last released from prison on April 14.

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