Pyongyang launches warplanes after US incursion

The military “swiftly ordered” its fighter jets to “evacuate and be ready for the airspace where the US strategic reconnaissance aircraft had penetrated”. ‘Caution’ the statement said.

A US soldier detained in North Korea wants to leave the military and the US is “disillusioned with the unequal American society”, according to Pyongyang.

The spokesman spoke of a “dangerous military provocation” by the US and warned that the North Korean military will not hesitate to take all countermeasures to protect the country’s sovereignty.

Last month, North Korea threatened to shoot down US surveillance planes that violated its airspace, accusing Washington of “intensifying spying operations.”

The latest incident comes as the leaders of the US, Japan and South Korea are meeting for a summit at Camp David.

White House national security adviser Jack Sullivan said they would have to agree on a plan for military exercises spanning several years and commit to consulting in times of crisis.

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