PS5 Pro will likely launch before GTA 6, analysts say

PlayStation 5s and DualSense controllers.

picture: Sony

While PlayStation 5 appears to be entering the… Later stages of its life cycleSome industry analysts believe Sony may be planning this Give the system an update Similar to what the PS4 got with the PlayStation 4 Pro over the following year.

CNBC Reports indicate that analysts claim that a PlayStation 5 update will likely be on its way before launch Grand Theft Auto VI In 2025. This will be in order to boost interest in the console before the game's release, which, if history tells us anything, will Selling millions of copies for years to come.

“There seems to be a broad consensus in the gaming industry that Sony is already preparing to launch a PS5 Pro in the second half of 2024,” Serkan Toto, CEO of gaming consultancy Kantan Games, told CNBC. “And Sony will want to make sure they have a great piece of hardware ready in time GTA VI It will be a huge hit in 2025, a launch that will be a huge boost for the entire gaming industry.

The next question is whether or not this will signal a price drop for the base PlayStation 5, or whether it will maintain its current price of $499. During a recent earnings call, Sony's management said its plan for next year is to “improve sales with a greater focus on balancing with profits,” which George Gegiashvili, senior principal analyst at Umeda, says could push Sony to keep the PS5 at its launch price. Even after the enhanced version was released.

“Therefore, a scenario in which Sony launches the PS5 Pro, but still faces a decline in hardware sales year-on-year, is very much a possibility,” Jegiashvili said.

The PlayStation 4 Pro was launched in 2016, three years after the original PS4 was released in 2013. It was a slightly larger version of the system and supported 4K output. This raises questions about what the PS5 could offer as a big selling point. When the PS4 Pro launched, 4K TVs were spreading through mainstream households and became the standard when the PS5 launched. The hypothetical PS5 Pro will likely be more powerful than the platform, but we won't know how powerful it will be until Sony announces anything like that.

Whatever Sony's plans are, it's going to be a weird year to release an upgrade for the PlayStation 5 when there won't be much on sale besides the system in 2024. Sony even said so Not many support games will be released Until 2025.

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