Presidential Election 2022: Who will Emmanuel Macron elect as Prime Minister or Prime Minister?

Who will replace current Prime Minister Jean Costex with Emmanuel Macron? The latter announced on April 19 that he and his colleagues would resign “in the next few days” to elect a new president. Thursday 28th or Friday 29th is in circulation. Meanwhile, here is an overview of the different names mentioned in recent days by the President and his constituency.

A first?

One woman’s name in particular is in circulation: the name of Elizabeth Bourne, Minister of Transport and Labor during Macron’s first five years in office. When asked by France Inter, she said: “I’m been with Emmanuel Macron for 5 years. I’m at his disposal and he knows it.”

“Of course Emmanuel Macron wants Mattignon to have a female nominee. But we should not compile the whole political situation in the post of Prime Minister.”Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Fionn was quoted as saying on BFMTV this Monday morning.

Already in 2017, Emmanuel Macron “wanted” to nominate a woman for the post: “I started with men and talked about it with others, but it’s my choice.”he said. After that, I will not choose the Prime Minister because he is a woman, I will choose the most capable, capable Prime Minister with the desire and desire that he should be a woman.. He was finally appointed deputy mayor and mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe.

Or first

The second name is often put forward by Julian Tenormandi, the current Minister of Agriculture and Food and close to the French President. If the war in Ukraine had not erupted as the director of Emmanuel Macron’s 2022 campaign in this former biological and industrial and agrotech trained environment in Paris, it would have put farmers in Europe in trouble. He was a close associate of the president and was often nicknamed “Macron Biz”, “Macron Boy” or “Baby Macron” by the press.

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Other names spread behind the scenes, including Richard Ferrant (formerly elected Socialist Party), Gerard Dormann (Interior Minister) and Alexis Kohler (Secretary General).

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