Presidential election 2022: Voting calls for Pécresse, Jadot, Hidalgo, Roussel… Macron growing

The outgoing president faces Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election.

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LRepublican candidate Valérie Pécresse stated on Sunday evening that he would vote “emotionally” for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the French presidential election.

“I do not own the votes cast in my name. But I urge the electorate who have placed their trust in me to take seriously the catastrophic consequences for our country and future generations in the days to come. Begresse, his score of about 5%, is a historic defeat for the right-wing party Les Républicains (LR).

Meanwhile, environmental candidate Yannick Jodot has called for the blocking of the far-right by depositing the Emmanuel Macron bulletin in the ballot box within 15 days. He declared that “no one should reduce the threat” put forward by Marine Le Pen, regretting that “there is no ecology in the second round”.

On the left, Fabien Roussel called for a second round vote for Emmanuel Macron to defeat Marine Le Pen. “I call on the far right to defeat this evening, to defeat it, using the only ballot at our disposal,” he pleaded, “tell me you heard the message sent by the French,” not without asking candidate Emmanuel Macron.

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Earlier in the evening, PS candidate Anne Hidalgo had already called for a boycott of the Marine Le Pen by voting for the outgoing president. “I urge you to use the ballot of Emmanuel Macron on April 24 to vote against the far right of Marine Le Pen, so that France will not be hated by all,” the mayor of Paris pointed out. The French Socialist Party received only 2% of the vote.

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