Presidential Election 2022: A French newspaper misrepresents itself as “Marine Le Pen President of the Republic”

French newspaper South West Candidate Marine Le Pen was wrongly declared the “President of the Republic.” The article was on the media site for half an hour before being deleted.

The newspaper did not officially respond, but journalists confirmed that this was a question of human error, a “case” accidentally published. In fact, web newsrooms tend to prepare some articles in advance with the components they have in order to gain momentum. For example, this is the case during condolence messages or elections.

French presidential election 2022:

DH keeps you up to date with the results and polls of the presidential election. In fact, Belgian newspapers may publish trends ahead of the French media, which cannot give any figures before 8pm. That is why all our journalists will provide you with quality information during the entire election and from our offices in Brussels, Belgium, during the voting on Sunday, April 24th. Will the results of the 2022 presidential election be live on DH?

On April 24, DH, in a Belgian newspaper, will have direct access to all the results and polls of the second round. To get numbers quickly, we advise you to follow:

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