Pope Francis presides over Easter Mass

Pope Francis leads Mass during the day on Easter Sunday in St. Peter's Square with tens of thousands of faithful to celebrate the Lord's Resurrection.

By Deborah Castellano-Luboff

As the church celebrates the holiest day in the Christian calendar, Pope Francis presided over an Easter Mass in St. Peter's Square to mark the Resurrection of the Lord.

On Easter Sunday, tens of thousands of believers filled the spring-like St. Peter's Square.

The Pope presided over the Mass of the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, or simply, Easter.

Following a tradition dating back to 1985, Vatican Square is decorated with Dutch flowers.

Pope Francis at Easter Mass

Pope Francis at Easter Mass

Since the Pope had delivered his Easter homily at Easter Mass in St. Peter's Basilica the night before, the Holy Father did not deliver another homily, as is usually the case at that day's Mass.

During the Easter Vigil Mass, the Holy Father spoke of the surprise and astonishment of the women who visited the tomb where Jesus was laid, and detailed the incredible story of the Lord's Resurrection.

After Easter Mass this morning, the Pope will deliver the noon prayer Urbi et Orbi from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, offering his apostolic blessing to the people of Rome and the entire world.

But in the beginning, the Pope was circulating among the happy pilgrims in St. Peter's Square all the time Via Della ConciliazioniHe greeted them happily while waving from his papal car.

Pope Francis waves to crowds after Easter Mass

Pope Francis waves to crowds after Easter Mass

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The Easter Mass continues on Sunday morning, the Easter Triduum, which concludes with Vespers on Sunday evening.

However, the Easter liturgical season will continue until Pentecost in May.

Easter Mass by Pope Francis in the Vatican

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