Poland launched an investigation after Polish farmers dumped Ukrainian grain on the road

The Polish prosecutor's office announced on Monday, February 12, that it had opened an investigation after Polish farmers stopped a truck arriving from Ukraine on Sunday and dumped its cargo on the road, bound for the European Union. Polish farmers wanted to protest against their imports, which they saw as unfair competition from their Ukrainian counterparts.

But the move sparked a new crisis between Ukraine and Poland. “The degradation of Ukrainian grain on the Polish border is unacceptable”Dmytro Kuleba, head of Ukrainian diplomacy, was convicted in X.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Agricultural Policy announced in a press release “I strongly condemn” there “willful destruction” No grains “This has nothing to do with peaceful protests.”. “Ukrainian farmers work under constant enemy shelling and suffer heavy losses. They pay dearly for their crops, sometimes with their lives.”The ministry continued.

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Farmers rage in Europe

Poland has been one of Ukraine's biggest supporters since Russia's invasion in February 2022, but friction caused by the previous government's unilateral ban on grain imports in Warsaw has damaged relations between the allies. In recent days, Polish authorities have raised the possibility of imposing new import restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products to protect their farmers.

The European Commission said Monday “continue” to search “Solutions” can be protected “Maximum Economic Support to Ukraine”Destroyed by two years of war. “We believe that we should sit and work at the negotiating table, not at the border, not under pressure.”Commission spokesman Olof Gill announced.

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Imports of Ukrainian agricultural products have become easier since Russia's invasion of the country was raised by farmers mobilizing across Europe earlier this year. In response to the furor, the European Commission proposed renewing it at the end of June, incorporating it to exempt agricultural products entering the EU from customs duties. “Security Measures” To minimize the amount of highly sensitive products. For some products – chicken, eggs and sugar -, a “Emergency Stop Device” is planned “stabilize” Imports at average levels in 2022 and 2023, volumes beyond which tariffs will be reimposed, indicated the European executive.

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