Pokemon variety show to share “latest information about Pokemon games” next week

Photo: The Pokémon Company

The coaches got a lot of details about Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet When the new generation was first revealed in February.

So what is the next update? Well there Probably Have something planned for the next week. according to Pocketmonsters.net The Twitter account, Japanese Pokémon Variety called PokéDoko 4 will air on April 24 (aka this coming weekend), and will include a clip featuring “the latest information on Pokémon games.”

if there was the new The information included about the latest generation, can be officially revealed before the show airs next Sunday. It could also be current information, another Pokemon related announcement, or something else entirely – so try not to get too excited.

Here is the full summary of Pocketmonsters.net Twitter account:

TV Tokyo’s summary of PokéDoko 4, which airs on April 24, 2022, states that they will have a clip with “The latest information on Pokémon games!?” New game information will likely be announced this week before it airs on this show.

It’s been years since any of the Pokémon Variety shows had exclusive information about the game. It would be a good way to get viewers back in though.

“The latest information on Pokemon games!” <- does not always refer to new information, only "the most recent". This could mean new information or trailers that have already been released or it could mean new information released within the same week that has been happening recently.

* If game information is new, it will most likely be announced this week before it airs on this show. Exclusive news of the game has not been revealed at Pokémon Variety Shows for years.

If we hear any updates, we’ll let you know.

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