Pokemon Go players criticize Niantic’s “very bad” knock feature

published: 2023-07-23 T16:21:09

updated: 2023-07-23 T16:21:24

Pokemon Go players continue to criticize Niantic for its handling of its new Routes feature.

Niantic’s rollout of its Pokemon Go Routes has been heavily criticized by trainers. Shortly after its release, Go players took issue with the fact that tracks could not be created, despite the need to use them for in-game goals.

Another issue that has developed since the feature was introduced is the lengthy approval process for roads.

Niantic provided an update on how long it takes for road approval, but the coaches aren’t happy.

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Pokemon Go is under fire for handling the road feature

Recently, Pokemon Go users mentioned The inability to find the tracks in the mobile game. This issue frustrated some, as developer Niantic added a new “A to Zygarde” research challenge to the game. However, it requires trainers to use methods to claim many rewards.

On Twitter, Niantic Support gave Go players some details about the approval process. In a tweet, Niantic advertiser It has a “comprehensive review process” that assesses road survivability and safety. According to the developer, it usually takes “one week or more to process”.

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Reddit users have Criticize Niantic handled the new feature on Selfie Road subreddit.

One player mentioned that Niantic should have rolled out methods in Pokemon Go a week ago to ensure methods are approved before the private research begins. “Well, maybe they should have rolled out the feature to everyone, then give a week or two notice of the upcoming Roads event, and then launch the Trails event.”

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Another trainer claimed that Niantic scrambled off the tracks, “Just like the showcases, they pushed that way too early to be used at Go Fest even though it’s very buggy.”

In other Pokemon Go-related news, Niantic has rescheduled the July 23 date for the make-up Squirtle Community Day Classic. It comes after login issues marred the original Classic event that took place earlier in July.

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