Pixel 8 trade-in deals are either really good or really bad

Trade-in deals are often one of the best ways to get a good deal on a new phone, but if you’re looking to trade in your current device for a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro, you’ll be very pleased or almost insulted by some of the Google Store offers.

Google, in recent years, has placed a heavy emphasis on trade-in deals when launching new Pixel phones. For example, Pixel 6 owners could upgrade to the Pixel 7 for just a few dollars sometime last year. This time around, the Google Store is setting trade-in values ​​for the Pixel 8 at $650, and the Pixel 8 Pro at $750. Those are not difficult Limits, as some of the swap will be worth more, but it’s pretty much the higher end.

While looking through the trade-in offers, we quickly noticed that Google is clearly upping some values, and leaving others behind.

On the bright side of things, you’ll get great values ​​if you switch from an older iPhone or Pixel phone. For example, the Pixel 4 series goes for at least $250, which equates to $250 a lot More than those phones are worth on the used market. The Pixel 5 costs up to $300, and the Pixel 6 Pro could get up to $400. Meanwhile, iPhones are priced at $750 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and even the iPhone 13 will fetch $500 or more.

But some values ​​are very low.

A good example of this is the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Last year’s phones will go for just $325 or up to $420 respectively, which is about 50% of their value. It is worth mentioning that Best Buy offers over $100 more than the Google Store On both Pixel 7 devices when you buy a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro there.

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Some other ridiculously low totals from the Google Store include the $1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is worth $314, and the OnePlus 10 Pro, which is just $74.

It really feels like it’s hit or miss, but at least it’s there some Good deal.

The values ​​listed below were taken on October 4, and are all based on the unlocked base models of the respective devices unless otherwise noted.

Pixel 8 Pixel 8 Pro Best buy
pixel 7 $325 $325 $450
Pixel 7 Pro $385 $420 $550
Pixel 6 $325 $325 $315
Pixel 6 Pro $385 $400 $355
Pixel 6a $300 $300 $300
Pixel 4a $ 200 $ 200 $245
Pixel 5 $300 $300 $265
pixel 4 $250 $250 $245 (Verizon)
Pixel 4 XL $260 $260 $265 (Verizon)
pixel 3 $ 200 $ 200 $25
Galaxy S23 Ultra $650 $650 $600
Galaxy S23 $550 $550 $300
Galaxy S22 Ultra 500 dollars $520 $455
Galaxy S22 $400 $400 $370
Galaxy S21 Ultra $410 $430 $370
iPhone 14 Pro Max $750 $750 $650 (Verizon)
iPhone 14 Pro $620 $620 $570 (Verizon)
iPhone 13 Pro Max $650 $650 $920 (Verizon)
iPhone 14 $550 $550 $430
iPhone 13 500 dollars 500 dollars $670
Galaxy Z Fold 4 $314 $314 $430
Galaxy Z Flip 4 $180 $180 $190
OnePlus 10 Pro $74 $74 $240

The Google Store doesn’t list trade-in values ​​for many newer devices, like the Pixel 7a, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and iPhone 15 series. This ultimately makes sense — if you’re trading in your iPhone 15 after two weeks for a Pixel 8, who hurt you (was it the home screen?)?

A few notes about Best Buy trade-ins. First, you can’t trade in more than the Pixel is worth, so the astonishingly high trade-in price of $920 on the iPhone 13 Pro Max wouldn’t qualify for the Pixel 8. But also, Pixel 8 Pro pre-order feature The free version of the Pixel Watch 2 is strictly limited to the black version with Wi-Fi only Purchased through Best Buy.

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Here’s some good news, though. Google often adjusts these values ​​throughout the year, so you may have better luck in a few weeks. However, pre-order privileges will disappear by then.

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