Pixel 8 Pro promotional video leaks “Audio Magic Eraser” and blue color

Live shots of the Pixel 8 Pro appeared last July, and we now have a marketing promotional video leaking the existence of the “Audio Magic Eraser” and the blue color option.

Earlier today, a new “EZ” zone was created X/Twitter account He posted a 14-second clip that was oddly edited and coloured. It’s branded “G Pixel” in the top-left corner like the marketing videos from last year.

Audio Magic Eraser appears to be part of the Google Photos video editor. It takes a while to recognize the sounds in a clip and then provides sliders for Noise, People, and Music. You’ll be able to swipe left/right, like other filters in Google Photos, to reduce the volume.

The tagline for this short video is “The only phone with the Audio Magic Eraser” followed by “The only phone built by Google”, which is a catch phrase.

Speaking of branding, it’s clear that Google is expanding on the popularity of Magic Eraser. This tool actually erases people or objects, as well as changes color using blur mode, in still images.

Finally, we see a light blue Pixel 8 Pro image that’s not too different from the Sea on the Pixel 7a (shown below). We take a look at the camera strap with a bead-shaped cutout that holds the three lenses together. To the right of that is the flash and temperature sensor, which can be seen dimly against the camera strip. In this shot, the metal isn’t particularly shiny and appears to have a satin finish.

Earlier in the video, we also see the Pixel 8 Pro’s very rounded corners.

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