Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has a girlfriend; Philly has feelings

Philadelphia recently learned that Eagles star Jalen Hurts has apparently had a girlfriend this whole time. Her name is Bryonna “Bry” Burrows, and they met in Alabama. She has an MBA and a completely private Instagram account (bio: “love language: wine”).

The news that Heart of the City favourite, MVP potential, and only man He wants to give the game his all In a whirlwind romance that sent some Hurts fans over the edge, others are trying to stay positive about their chances with him. Philly loves the underdogafter all.

“Just found out Jalen Hurts has a girlfriend, I won’t be available for the next 24-48 hours because I’m in mourning,” a Twitter user tweeted. user wrote.

“Seeing Jalen Hurts’ girlfriend makes me happy but so sad at the same time,” wrote another.

The love of hurt extends to identities. When Eagles Nation account Posting that “Eagles fans across America are dropping to their knees seeing this,” the men weighed in to say they, too, were devastated.

And he makes a good impression on the parents too.

“Galen is a gentlemanly guy. The son every mother wants. Although they’d rather be with Hurts themselves, they’re at least happy to see Burrows is Black,” many fans said, due to the perception that black athletes and entertainers date non-black people when they’re older.

It seemed to hurt Once again With Burroughs since 2016.

There has been some confusion online as to whether the woman in the photo is his agent. Nicole Lane, the first black woman to represent an NFL quarterback in a Super Bowl. (She’s not, she’s his girlfriend.)

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Harms All women management teamwhich sets him apart in a male-dominated industry.

In the end, Eagles fans who believe in what is right and pure can only be happy that Galen Hurts found someone so talented and successful in love. If he’s OK, we’re all OK.

This article has been edited after publication to remove analysis and opinion, except we all want Jalen Hurts to be happy.

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