Pell City tries to remove Rush Propst but fails

The Bell City School Board attempted to fire football coach Rush Probst on Wednesday morning.

During the special meeting, board members Norman Wilder and Greg Crump made it clear they did not support the proposed change. “3 football coaches in 3 years. You see the problem. It's not about the coaches, it's about this board,” Crump said.

The provision to remove Coach Probst from his coaching position, along with his wife from her position as Pell City High School secretary, failed with no motion to support it.

Parents and students cheered after hearing the result.

“He has changed my life and even the way I think. He has made me the young man I should be,” said Carsen Scott, Football Captain.

Some parents agree with these sentiments. Sarah Lovell says her son is on the soccer team. She has seen improvements since Coach Probst arrived.

“I was rooting for him every day to do better and get his grades up. Now he's doing it on his own. He wants to go to college…..Coach Probst lit that fire,” Lovell said.

He watches:

Crump says now that the proposal has fallen through, he expects Coach Probst to remain in Pell City for a long time.

The agenda was suggested by interim coach John “Logan” Colafrancesco. Lovell says he has coached offensive players in the past. But she says if the decision had been made to replace their current coach, she would have considered removing their students from the district.

ABC 3340 asked Superintendent Dr. James Martin for comment after the board meeting. He refused.

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