Palworld Ore Farm: Explaining how to extract and grind bullion

Basically, it all comes down to farming ore, which is one of the most valuable resources in Palworld.

Within the first few hours, there is a high probability that you will have stumbled upon igneous rocks that can be smashed into oblivion to unlock the ore. But finding a fixed quantity in a suitable place is difficult.

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Besides having the full list of friends, many of these creatures can be played to unlock raw using their specialized abilities.

What's more, some specific items can make this process a lot easier – and in some cases, you won't even need to do anything once you're set up.

It's a bit complicated at first, but once you set up a Palworld Ore farm, it can really make a difference to the whole experience.

We've explained everything you need to know about ore in Palworld, the importance of bullion and why you need to build a primitive furnace below.

Palworld Ore Farm: Explaining how to extract and grind bullion

Primordial furnace in Palworld. Pocket pair

Alloy is a handy material used in many intermediate recipes, such as nails, workbenches and improved tools, as well as saddles for riding friends on the ground or in the sky.

To craft an Igot, you need two pieces of ore which can then be placed in a primitive furnace.

The Primal Furnace can be unlocked at level 10 in the Palworld technology tree. The following materials are required to build the item:

  • Wood – 20x
  • Stone – 50x
  • Flame device – 3x

The following methods explain how to find ore in Palworld:

The old way

The easiest way is to find ore deposits in the open world and then attack them using an axe. This is a large brown/red rock that, unlike other rocks, will fluoresce to show that it has the substance within it.

The Stone Ax can be crafted at the crafting table and then upgraded as you progress.

Best place to set up an ore farm

Deciding where to set up a raw farm can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. Instead of constantly working and moving, you can just collect all the ore, rest and go again.

While we still need to explore the entire Palapagos Islands, here are the places we recommend setting up camp:

  • Abandoned church – Between six and nine ore deposits can be found behind the building
  • Shilet Boss – Close to where you fight Chelit, south of the Tower Ruins and across the bridge where the encounter takes place, a handful of ore deposits can be found
  • Fort ruins plateau – Southwest of the Fort Ruins, there are about eight ore deposits spread across the land.

Build a stone pit in your current base

The stone pit can be used to excavate the earth from your base, and sometimes pick up ore as well. All you have to do is craft the item and assign a friend with a mining ability, like Digtoise or Mammorest, and the rest should take care of itself.

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A Stone Pit can be built at level 7, when the blueprint for the item is obtained via the Tech Tree. The following materials are required to build the item:

  • Stone x50
  • Wood x20
  • Palladium shard x10

Mine ore on the go

Another alternative method of extracting ore is what we call the “pig method”. This involves getting your hands on a Rushoar, a warthog-like animal typically found in the cliffs north of the starting area.

Once you join your team, simply install the creature and start charging ore deposits to reap the rewards.

Palworld is available in early access across Xbox Series

January 2024 matches

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