Palworld Fusion Guide: Best Fusion Breeding Kits

James Lynch

Palworld features 111 unique friends to collect, but not all of them can be caught in the wild. Some have to be outright bred, creating some of the most impressive friends in the game at the time of writing.

Fusion Pals are player-bred combinations of one named Pal and another of a specific type. These unique creatures come with a host of potential benefits. Essentially, they allow players to combine desired traits into a single friend, often with a change in typing.

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It is possible to breed any friend of the opposite sex in Palworld, and the resulting offspring become one of the two original races with a combination of the parents' traits. Fusion pairs create entirely new friends with the combined appearance of the parents.

Here's a Dexerto guide for each Fusion Pal In Palworld and how to create it in the game.

Complete the Fusion Pal menu

In total, there are 24 known Fusion Pals in Palworld. They range from relatively achievable early game options to endgame behemoths that should provide the advantage in some of the game's most fascinating content.

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The complete list of discovered Fusion Pals is as follows:

The signing of the dexerto Free and get:

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In order to perform any of the above fusions, the mixing farm must be unlocked at level 19. At only 2 technology points, this is a vital investment at this juncture as the ability to make new friends with specific traits is essential to progressing through a world.

There are strong objective advantages to be gained from raising any of the teammates on this list, but adding a Dark type to a Fire type seems particularly powerful at this point. Incineram Noct, Leezpunk Ignis, and Pyrin Noct are all amazing examples.

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Eikthyrdeer Terra is a powerful counter to Electric-type friends, adding more dynamism to one of the strongest friends in the previous game cycle. Relaxaurus Lux is a great choice, as the Rocket Tower partner skill combines brilliantly with the addition of the Electric type.

The Hangyu Cryst is one of the most memorable alien designs in the game. The Winter Swing Partner skill allows players to slide using their friend, who is an excellent and frenetic fighter. Although weak against Fire-types, Hangyu can hold its own in most other scenarios.

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This is Dexerto's complete list of Fusion Pals in Palworld and recommendations for what to prioritize after opening a Mixing Farm for your base. With the arrival of more friends in the future, there will likely be additional groups of merging in a relatively short time.

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